6 Simple but Critical Cyber Security Measures for Businesses

For businesses, investing in cybersecurity is a must to maintain a strong brand. Threats are often indiscriminate. Attacks don’t target companies because they are perceived to be successful, and there’s a good hoard to steal. Even new and small companies become the subject of the assaults. Of note, small businesses were the victims of around […]

One Thing You’ll Regret Not Doing Sooner

Have you ever told yourself that you’ll start working on your goals tomorrow? Then life gets busy and you find yourself doing everything for everyone else, but forget to take 15 minutes to work on getting your dream business off the ground? I started my blog in March 2010 when I was in my second […]

How to Avoid Getting Scammed by Car Salesmen and Mechanics

Automobile owners often face one of two inevitable realities: their car needs repairs or needs replacing. Unfortunately for women, either of those issues can pose significant stressors aside from the usual inconveniences associated with repairs or vehicle purchases. When you are ignored, overcharged, or patronized at the mechanic shop and car dealership because of your […]

10 Tools to Establish and Maintain a Reputable Brand

Brand building is far from easy, especially if you are establishing your personal brand or profile. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for partners or clients, or a professional looking to enhance your online résumé, you cannot just rely on creativity. You also need to study your target audience, have a good idea of how […]

How to Figure Out What Your Client Really Wants

Today we’re covering how to know what your client really wants. This is something that I think we overlook a little bit, really diving into our client’s head and their mind, what they’re thinking, what keeps them up at night. And we tend to create these posts. This is totally what I used to do. […]

What To Do When It’s Time To Get Rid of That Old Ride

Sometimes, your old ride is like that pair of shoes you’ve had forever.  They’ve definitely seen better days, you have to admit.  But they’re familiar and you just hate to let them go.  Even so, you know it’s time to consider something new.  Shopping for a new ride is one part of the task.  How […]

An Easy 9 Steps to 10,000 Followers on Instagram

Growing my Instagram followers to 10,000, there’s a lot of lessons I’ve learned. We’ve been working hard. We’ve been posting daily and I’ve learned so much. We’re very excited for this milestone, but even more excited to share the behind the scenes with you all. I’m going to cover nine things today. Subscribe on your favorite platform […]

Why Going Solo Could Be The Key to Finding Your Passion

As humans, we’re innately social, which has many benefits; we get to enjoy dinners out, new experiences and going to the movies with our friends and family.  However, our modern lives often have a way of making socializing difficult, especially when we reach our 30s and 40s.  In fact, 44% of Americans said that their plans […]