7 Reasons to Use Seminars As a Promotional Tool

  • Seminars fill your marketing funnel with qualified leads. People who raise their hands by registering for an event automatically qualify themselves as good prospects for your services. Attending a seminar takes time, and prospects who find time in their busy schedules to actively seek solutions to their problems are most likely to continue taking action by making an appointment.
  • You’ll find shy prospects. People who aren’t actively looking for a solution to a specific challenge are less likely to respond to a promotion that tells them to book an appointment or consultation. Offering them the chance to attend a seminar asks for a lower level of commitment; all they’re saying is “Yes, I’m interested in learning more about this topic,” not “Yes, I’m ready to tackle this challenge.”

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  • Seminars help lower marketing costs. Offering seminars enables you to build a house mailing list of qualified leads who have contacted you for information. Eventually, you’ll spend most of your time, energy and money marketing to this list… which will also allow you cut back on costly advertisements, mailing list rentals, radio ads, etc., if desired. In addition, the people on this list will be more likely to respond to your offers than the public in general. A greater response means a greater return on your marketing investment
  • Seminars can generate publicity for your practice. This is especially the case when your seminar deals with a “hot” topic. If you can demonstrate to the media that their readers/viewers are interested in your topic and would benefit greatly by attending your event, you can get your seminar (and, as the sponsor, your business, as well) mentioned in the press. You may even find editors who are so interested in what you have to say that they’ll devote an entire article or story to your business and/or event.
  • The mere act of promoting your event raises awareness of your business. We are bombarded by advertising messages. Breaking through the clutter requires repetition – lots of it. The more times your name and/or your company’s name gets in front of prospects, the more likely they are to think of your clinic when they have a problem you can solve. So even if a particular individual doesn’t respond to your promotions and attend your event, your promotions will still be helping to make your name familiar to that person.
  • Seminars are an easy way to spark word-of-mouth marketing. Asking for referrals for new patients can be awkward and difficult for some professionals. But suggesting that patients and prospects let their friends, family and colleagues know about your seminar is an easier request to make. And it’s also one that’s easier to comply with.
  • Speaking about a topic instantly positions you as an expert on the subject matter. Best of all, you don’t have to claim you’re an expert – instead you’re instantly perceived that way merely by being the person up in front of the room.